Horticultural Consulting

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InSpire Can Help Make Your Growing Efforts a Breeze

Cannabis horticulture was once relegated to basements or far-flung hills. With legalization bringing cannabis out-of-the-shadows, the science of growing cannabis in compliant, safe spaces is quickly advancing. But finding those experts is key, and InSpire is poised to help you thanks to our advanced knowledge of indoor cultivation facility design.

Controlled Environment Seed-to-Sale Support

Growing cannabis takes more than a green thumb: it takes a commitment to caring for the plant through each of its unique stages in its lifecycle. Whether you’re trying to determine the right relative humidity for your drying room or discover the right temperature for your seedlings, we can help.

Access to a Strategic Network of Professionals

There are many people out there who have their preferred methods of maximizing terpenes and yields, but not all of them share our data-driven, scientific approach to cannabis growing. We’ll connect you to the right partner to help you grow your chosen cultivars.

Our Expertise is Yours

We’ve spent years researching the intersection of cannabis science and HVAC engineering. The odds are good that we’ve figured out the optimum environmental conditions for your cultivars. When you partner with InSpire, you’ll have access to our best practices database to accelerate the success of your commercial grow room and manufacturing efforts.

The ultimate goal of a great indoor grow room HVAC system design is to grow high quality cannabis.

That’s why we’ve made understanding the science of growing cannabis an integral part of our business— to help you succeed.

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