Our Mission


Our Story

InSpire traces its roots to the early days of the modern legal cannabis industry, when our founders realized that current methods for supporting indoor environments were not conducive for efficient, clean, or profitable horticulture. 

Our team is equipped with over 25 years of experience in commercial and industrial HVAC systems. We’ve spent the last 7+ years learning everything we could about cannabis facility design since we stumbled into our first cannabis project— a grow room disguised as a mushroom facility. We set out to understand all we can about why massive amounts of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment were being applied to cultivation facilities and how, despite thousands of dollars in investment, growers still struggled to maintain precise environmental control over the spaces where they operated. High rates of energy uses, pest contamination, molds and mildews, and declining production are still endemic in this expanding industry.

We set out to solve these challenges and deliver a new standard for HVAC systems in the cannabis industry. We quickly realized the cannabis industry demanded a fundamentally different approach to HVAC systems, because most growers’ systems lacked right-sized equipment and proper biosecurity. It was also apparent that growers needed a trusted partner in the industry who could help them navigate how HVAC systems impact plant physiology and post-harvest manufacturing. That’s why, beyond providing HVAC equipment for cannabis grow rooms, we also provide consulting services to help owners, architects, contractors/construction managers, MEP engineers, subcontractor trades, etc. navigate the crucial design and engineering decisions that will have lasting effects on operating expenses, growing conditions, and product quality.

Our Partners

Our Philosophy

We believe there’s a better way for companies to grow cannabis indoors. Guided by sound scientific principles and data-driven intelligence now available in the era of legal cannabis, we deliver custom HVAC systems for grow rooms, drying rooms, and manufacturing facilities. We act as a trusted partner to help commercial growers develop the best environment to maximize plant biomass and chemical expression while reducing overall risk. 

We believe your business deserves a custom-built indoor grow room along with custom-designed HVAC products and services to maximize your productivity and quality. We offer commercial grow room builders and horticultural consultants a range of designs and services, from initial consultation to individual elements of your cultivation infrastructure or complete turn-key solutions.

We believe your business deserves a trusted partner to help you navigate the intricacies of the cannabis industry. Through our industry-wide network of industry partners, we can help you address additional needs in the horticulture ecosystem such as lighting, irrigation/fertigation control, vertical racking, tissue culture, plus business concerns like finance, construction and engineering services, CPAs, attorneys, and more.

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