Sub-Canopy Airflow System (SCAS)

Reduce microclimates and deliver conditioned, CO2 enriched air directly to the plant canopy.

Growing cannabis profitably depends on many factors. One near the top of the list is optimizing the availability of CO2 levels within the canopy for carbon assimilation and photosynthesis. Another critical factor is maintaining a consistent Ratio of Temperature to Radiation. Yet another is reducing the risk of pest infestation, mold, or mildew.

How do we accomplish this?

First things first, you need good lights, and you should have the right amount of cooling and dehumidification capacity with a plant-centric sequence of operations to meet the needs of the plants in your grow rooms. We offer Cultivation HVAC Retrofits and Integrated HVAC Equipment to assist with these items.

A close second is in-room airflow. InSpire’s Sub-Canopy Airflow System is an engineered fan and tubing combination that is cost-effective and can dramatically improve the homogeneity of air within your grow room. Deliver consistent temperature, relative humidity, and CO2 to where it’s needed most: within the canopy to support critical plant processes and grow better flower.

Adequate cooling and dehumidification are not enough – we cannot rely on the HVAC system for in-room airflow and it must be supplemented by in-room airflow devices to effectively move conditioned CO2 enriched air from the supply, through the canopy, and to the return to be conditioned again.

With InSpire’s SCAS system, you can turn the heat signature in your room from this:

To this:

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