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Let Us Handle Your Cannabis HVAC Design and Sizing

When it comes to your cannabis HVAC system design, it’s never too early to start. With InSpire’s years of experience optimizing HVAC systems to meet the unique needs of the cannabis industry, we can help you plan for the most challenging parts of growing cannabis indoors— temperature and relative humidity control, biosecurity, and maximizing  cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and biomass.

There are many benefits to working with InSpire for all of your cannabis design and engineering needs.

Work with Our Experienced Team to Ace Your Cannabis HVAC System Design and Sizing

Growing cannabis requires a unique indoor cultivation facility design— experience few have at this early stage of the legal cannabis industry. Standard commercial HVAC equipment alone won’t allow you to optimize the four core components of cannabis HVAC system design: temperature, dehumidification, CO2 regulation, and biosecurity.

Our designs can help you achieve goals like

  • Proper grow facility HVAC placement, orientation and strategy
  • Efficient energy recovery
  • Meet GMP certification requirements
  • Meet biosecurity needs with pest and pathogen prevention

Design and Sizing Confidently Develop a Strategy for an Efficient, Clean Operation

InSpire is a trusted partner throughout the consultation, finance, and installation of your cannabis HVAC system design for your cannabis grow facility. Whether you need a brand new system or your system is in need of a total overhaul, our professional design and commissioning services work to ensure the project is completed on schedule and operates smoothly when finished. 


Gain Access to Our Network of Qualified Contractors and Subject Matter Experts

In our years of experience with cannabis design and engineering, we’ve worked with many proven contractors and can provide recommendations on who will be the right fit for your project and budget. Whether you need a general contractor or an expert specializing in areas like lighting, growing expertise, genetics, engineering, integrated control systems, construction management, we’ll be there to help you find exactly the help you need. You’re only as strong as you weakest link – our network is yours.


Validate the Plans and Performance of Your Contractor

As a fiduciary advisor to your project, InSpire will work to ensure the contractor you’re currently working with building your new indoor cultivation facility design correctly to provide you peace of mind for the future performance of your system.


A Partner for the Long-Term Vitality of Your Plants

Your cannabis HVAC system requires constant adjustment and maintenance to keep your operation running at peak performance. Our team will help ensure it runs as its meant to year-round.

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Why Your Cannabis HVAC System Design Matters

The right cannabis HVAC system with an integrated design can help facilities comply with the Good Manufacturing Principles (GMPs) that will soon become standard in the industry. With our cannabis HVAC system designs, cultivators can: 

Maximize Space Maintain Compliance Reduce Cycle Time
Maintain Pressure Control Decrease Time-to-Market


Furthermore, the right system will ensure your business can:

Keep Costs Down and Yields Up

In this new and competitive regulated industry, you need constant high-quality yields to overcome the massive costs associated with compliance and production. HVAC, lighting, water and nutrients are the main inputs that determine both how costly it will be to grow the crops and how prolific the yield will be.


To keep up with the demand of your consumers, you don’t need the most expensive cannabis hvac system design, you need the right one.


Provide Controlled Environments to Grow Healthy Plants

Indoor grows are tricky. Turning off the lights at night, for example, drops the temperature and increases the relative humidity. Without a system designed to balance light, temperature, humidity, CO2 and biosecurity, the health and vitality of your crops may be in question. If you can control these factors, you can ensure that your crops have everything they need to succeed and are kept safe from pests and pathogens that could ruin them.


Create A Green Facility for the Green Rush

Indoor cultivation requires a lot of energy to power the lighting and HVAC systems. Purposeful, integrated designs can reduce the costs and carbon footprint of the facility, while still providing the level of control needed to meet the exacting standards of consumers and regulators.

The Benefits and Challenges of Growing Cannabis Indoors




Maximum Biomass & Chemotype Expression

With integrated temperature, humidity, and CO2 enrichment control, combined with active air distribution delivering consistent airflow to the plant canopy, indoor growers using InSpire HVAC systems can control the environment to meet the exact needs of their cultivars.

The Growing Room Must Be Kept Clean

Poor HVAC system design can lead to pests, pathogens, and wasted crops.. To keep your cannabis plants and employees safe, you’ll need proper control of temperature, relative humidity, pressure control and airflow. 

Increased Efficiency & OpEX Savings

Patent pending energy recovery system provides 30-50% more moisture removal (latent load) per compressor ton than standard brute force systems, drastically reducing OpEx energy costs and CapEx.

Higher Overhead Costs

Indoor growers pay for things that outdoor growers don’t have to— like light and air. A good cannabis HVAC system design can keep those costs to their bare minimum though, and ensure that indoor growers maximize their benefits.

Risk Reduction

Pest and pathogen contamination lead to crop loss and is greatly mitigated with the ability to achieve and maintain stable temperature, relative humidity, and CO2 set points during day and night light cycles and the transition between day and night.

Bad System Designs

Poorly designed indoor cultivation facilities that aren’t tailored to cannabis’ specific needs will result in lower yields and inferior product. Stable, predictable temperatures and relative humidity are needed to meet the unique environmental needs of the cannabis plant throughout the entire lifecycle.

Grow Local, Shop Local

With a quality indoor cultivation facility design, cannabis can be grown where its customers are, reducing the amount of resources needed to deliver the product.

Preserving Terpenes

Without the proper control over temperature and relative humidity throughout the plant’s lifecycle, your cannabinoid content and terpene expression may be at risk— ruining the unique qualities of the cultivars you’ve invested in.

With the right cannabis grow facility HVAC design, you can eliminate or control many of the challenges associated with indoor growing. By using our complete cannabis system design and engineering skills to guide your project from the beginning, you can help ensure the vitality of your plants from season to season, no matter what strain you’re growing, all while keeping costs down.

Your HVAC system design is the heart (and lungs) of your indoor cannabis cultivation infrastructure. InSpire helps you design it right— the first time.

With InSpire’s cannabis design and engineering expertise to guide your system overhaul or new operation, you’ll receive a purposeful design customized to fit your growing operation.

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