Cannabis HVAC Equipment


InSpire brings a unique combination of experience in HVAC system design, indoor horticulture, and the emerging cannabis industry. 

Whether you choose a packaged rooftop unit, a vertical indoor/outdoor unit, a horizontal indoor/outdoor unit, or a vertical greenhouse unit, there’s a whole lot more that goes into building an HVAC system for your grow room.
Enlist InSpire to Help You Meet One (or All) of the Following HVAC Goals

Integrated Heating, Cooling, and Humidity Control

To promote plant growth and vitality, temperature, relative humidity, light CO2 assimilation and air cleanliness all need to be optimized. Our designs help you strike the perfect balance between heating, cooling, and dehumidification for your unique space and cultivars.

Cannabis has a unique optimal growing profile, which varies by what life cycle the plant is in and by cultivar. Our systems and designs can help your grow room maintain these conditions, taking into consideration the effects of plant transpiration, the plant lifecycle, and your unique cultivars. 

InSpire’s HVAC units and controls will give you the confidence to develop your own strategies and set points across the plant life cycle.   
Learn more about what it takes to meet these challenges by reading our post on temperature and relative humidity for cannabis grow rooms.

Customized Grow Facility HVAC Monitor and Control

A living, dynamic environment like a cannabis grow room requires airtight controls to reduce risk and increase production. With our remote dashboard controls, you can monitor the environmental conditions of your grow room from anywhere, adjust systems on-the-fly, and respond to emergencies in the moment.

When you choose InSpire to help you consolidate your control systems into one dashboard, you can not only simplify your life with a single, user friendly interface for all of your environmental factors, but you can also replace the services of up to five different vendors through one streamlined design and control system.

Intelligent Energy Recovery

Powering a cannabis grow room can be costly, which is why we help our clients incorporate energy recovery systems into their system designs. This patent pending technology can help reduce total energy costs by up to 50%. 

Combine our efficient system design with energy recovery technology throughout your entire cannabis operation, including drying and post-production areas.  

Air Filtration & Biosecurity

Some environmental factors can’t be felt or seen, but our HVAC equipment and controls take into account the biosecurity threats to your cannabis plants. 

Our revolutionary integrated pest management (IPM) technology is implemented in each of our HVAC systems. It can help reduce the risk and costs of devastating pest infestations.

Furthermore, our high-efficiency capture filtration systems use active photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) to stop particles as small as 1 micron (for comparison, a human red blood cell is about 5 microns wide).

The Key to Building an HVAC System for Your Cultivars

As consumer demands change, so will what you grow. That’s why it’s important to have an HVAC system expertly designed to meet your growing needs, for today and tomorrow. 

When you partner with InSpire, you have a trusted resource from planning and implementation to maintenance and optimization over the lifetime of your grow room. 

At every step of the way, the most important key to your success is control. With InSpire on your side, we help you 

  • maintain control of your vision as you work with various contractors and engineers,
  • keep control of your costs with ultra-efficient HVAC grow room systems and integrated designs,
  • monitor and control your system from anywhere in the world
  • achieve and maintain stable levels of temperature, relative humidity, lighting and CO2  enrichment to your grow room environment for all stages of the plant life cycle and any cultivar you choose to grow

Leave the designing and installation to us or allow our experts to work directly with your engineering and construction teams. From start to finish, we have you covered for all of your cultivation, processing, drying space, propagation, tissue culture, and post-production needs.

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