Comprehensive Construction & Project Management

Let the Experts at InSpire Handle Your Commercial Grow Room Design Plans

The legal cannabis industry plays by an entirely different set of rules which are still being written. InSpire is at the forefront of the industry, helping to develop the best practices that will become the standard of excellence for commercial grow room builders.

Whether you’re just getting started, looking for cost-effective installation, or maintenance services, we have a certified network of highly qualified, carefully curated group of contractors who can assist you with any and all of your construction project management needs, including:

Confidently Develop a Strategy for Faster Time to Revenue

InSpire is a trusted partner throughout the consultation, finance, and installation of your cannabis HVAC system design for your cannabis grow facility. If your system is in need of a total overhaul, our professional design and commissioning services work to ensure the project is completed on schedule and operates smoothly when finished.

Work with Our Experienced Team to Design an HVAC System For Cannabis’ Specific Needs

Growing cannabis requires a unique indoor cultivation facility design— experience few have at this early stage of the legal cannabis industry. Standard commercial HVAC equipment alone won’t allow you to optimize the four core components of cannabis HVAC system design: temperature, dehumidification, CO2 regulation, and biosecurity.

Managing the Logistics, Equipment and Timeline Management for On Time Delivery

The success of your commercial grow room begins with the first blueprint designs. InSpire’s intimate level of knowledge of the cannabis plant and mechanical engineering gives you the edge as we help you coordinate with vendors and contractors, pick out the right equipment, and keep your project on track.

Maintenance of Scope, Budget, and Costs

Your growing environment can turn into a growing problem if you don’t start with a commercial grow room designed with the future in mind. InSpire can assist in ensuring the scope of the project really fits within your established budget and intended objectives. Thanks to our years of experience in cannabis design and engineering, our team can act as your trusted partner at any point in the process to ensure your build-out goes smoothly.

When are the best times to start a conversation about the HVAC strategy for your facility?

  • When a grower has been selected
  • When racks are laid out
  • When canopy square footage & plant density are known
  • When the lighting technology and light have been selected
  • When the grower understands how much water per plant will be used in vegetation and flowering process

Worried about your bottom line? Talk to InSpire before you get started to ensure your project stays on track.

✔        Construction Support and Consulting


For facilities still in their infancy or looking to redevelop their operations, InSpire provides assistance that goes deeper than recommending equipment. We work with design engineers at every step of the way. 

InSpire leverages its expertise in plant science and thermodynamics to ensure that every dollar allocated for the mechanical systems is well spent. Any engineer can make a job less expensive, but InSpire believes in creating value at equal cost by choosing the right people and the most efficient, right-sized indoor grow room HVAC system.

✔        Acting as a Fiduciary Partner

For businesses that lack on-staff construction expertise, InSpire can support and consult on all of your project needs. You need a strong team of partners dedicated to fully completing a project, which is why we connect clients with and manage qualified commercial grow room builders who offer hard-to-find expertise in their fields.

We understand that a chain of service providers is only as strong as its weakest link and we diligently work to provide our clients with the best partners to ensure their projects are successful.

Vertial Grow

While GMP certification has yet to arrive in the U.S., InSpire works on the cutting edge of cannabis science, helping you to ensure you’re prepared for the day it is a part of your commercial cannabis operation’s requirements.

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Reimagining the Future of Indoor Cultivation

Your commercial grow room design plans should prepare you for the future of the cannabis industry. With changing consumer tastes and evolving regulations, today’s cannabis companies need agility paired with precision in every aspect of their business, including their indoor grow and manufacturing rooms. 


The future of cannabis production will be dictated by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification, which will be introduced when the federal government finally passes legalization nationwide. GMP compliance, which sets the rules for quality, safety, and efficacy, will set the stage for domestic and international production and exportation of cannabis.


With the right HVAC equipment and strategy as part of your commitment to a future with GMP certification, you’ll streamline control of your indoor grow and manufacturing room environments, creating predictable temperatures and relative humidities that change with the day and night temperature variations. This will be an integral part in any commercial cannabis production looking to produce high-quality plants.

Finding a construction company with knowledge of the commercial cannabis industry is rare. Finding a cannabis industry veteran with the engineering experience to deliver a grow room installation is even more rare.

Combining our background in mechanical engineering and cannabis science, InSpire is the cannabis industry’s trusted partner in all phases of commercial controlled environment grow room construction, from design and build to ongoing cannabis facility maintenance.

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