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InSpire stays engaged for the life cycle of your project

The legal cannabis industry plays by an entirely different set of rules – many of which are still being written. InSpire is at the forefront of the industry, helping to develop the best practices that will become the standard of excellence for commercial grow room facilities.

InSpire stays engaged from the design of your project through on-going optimization of your cultivation business and helps to add value during the entire process.

Confidently Develop a Strategy for Faster Time to Revenue

Competent and responsive design, engineering and contracting are all critical elements to getting plants in the ground and generating revenue. Tap InSpire’s network of qualified professionals to ensure you select partners that have experience with indoor cultivation and can deploy a project on time, on budget and most importantly with a system that allows for long term success.

For facilities still in their design phase or looking to retrofit their existing operations, InSpire provides assistance that goes deeper than recommending equipment. We work with design engineers at every step of the way.


We build HVAC equipment designed for plants, not people. Growing plants indoors is a fundamentally different challenge than human centric comfort cooling. Lighting, environmental conditions and water and fertilizer requirements change as the plants progress through their life cycle, all while the plant is growing and transpiring more water vapor in a shorter amount of time.

Growing cannabis requires a unique indoor cultivation facility design— experience few have at this early stage of the legal cannabis industry. Standard commercial HVAC equipment alone won’t allow you to optimize the four core components of cannabis HVAC system design: temperature, dehumidification, CO2 regulation, and biosecurity.


Ensuring equipment delivers on time, without defects and is offloaded correctly, installed according to guidelines and is started up and operating to specification are all critical steps in deploying a successful project. Upon purchase, InSpire will assign a dedicated project manager to your project as we help you coordinate with vendors and contractors, get units started up and operational, and keep your project on track.


Your growing environment can turn into a growing problem if you don’t start with a commercial grow room designed with the future in mind. InSpire can assist in ensuring the scope of the project really fits within your established budget and intended objectives. Thanks to our years of experience in cannabis design and engineering, our team can act as your trusted partner at any point in the process to ensure your build-out goes smoothly.

When are the best times to start a conversation about the HVAC strategy for your facility?

  • When an architect has been selected
  • When a grower has been selected
  • When racks are laid out
  • When canopy square footage & plant density are known
  • When the lighting technology and light have been selected
  • When the grower understands how much water per plant will be used in vegetation and flowering process

InSpire leverages its expertise in plant science and thermodynamics to ensure that every dollar allocated for the mechanical systems is well spent. Any engineer can make a job less expensive, but InSpire believes in creating value at equal cost by choosing the right people and the most efficient, right-sized indoor grow room HVAC system.


You need a strong team of partners dedicated to fully completing a project, which is why we connect clients with and manage qualified commercial grow room builders who offer hard-to-find expertise in their fields.
We understand that a chain of service providers is only as strong as its weakest link and we diligently work to provide our clients with the best partners to ensure their projects are successful.

HVAC equipment is only one part of a successful cultivation facility, but it is exceptionally important and there is only one chance to get it done right. Contact InSpire today for a free consultation today.

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Your commercial grow room design plans should prepare you for the future of the cannabis industry. With changing consumer tastes and evolving regulations, today’s cannabis companies need agility paired with precision in every aspect of their business, including their indoor grow and manufacturing rooms. 

The future of cannabis production will be driven by disciplined growers who balance all the energy inputs in their facility to produce consistently high-quality cannabis flower while lowering their costs of production. This is only done through careful planning, engaging the right construction and engineering team, and implementing equipment and SOP’s that allow for the highest level of energy balance possible. 

Every system in a cultivation facility is intimately connected to optimize cannabis genetics. To get the best performance out of your lights, you need the right HVAC system and in-room airflow. Photon absorption is maximized when transpiration and carbon assimilation are at optimized levels.

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