Supply & Exhaust Fan Filters

Fan Filter Illustration

When it comes to cultivation and indoor agriculture, an investment in the best possible air environment means an investment in us.

We specialize in creating accurate environments that work in conjunction with your existing lighting and nutrient programs, giving you full control over risk reduction and production output. Our innovative equipment design combines dehumidification with air conditioning into one integral unit, ensuring critical conditions are met and sustained throughout every plant life cycle.

By offering tighter temperature and humidity controls, our proven air cleaning technologies give facilities a greater tolerance to pathogen expression and introduction. Repeatable, precise environmental control also means greater consistency in terms of delivering the right strain, and a wider range of temperatures leads to more flexibility with respect to innovation.

Improved space efficiency is also a key benefit of our services. With a properly designed HVAC and air movement system, you can significantly increase plant count and yield for a given canopy area. Our remote dashboard control offers the ability to monitor and adjust systems on-the-fly, ensuring that every hour of a growing plant’s life is optimized. Any alarms are relayed to critical team members quickly and efficiently, automatically triggering service events.

And lastly, our consolidated control system creates a single, user-friendly dashboard that allows you to control temperature, humidity, CO2 enrichment and life safety, lighting stages, dimming, and room schedules. With one central system, you end up replacing the integration of up to five separate vendors, reducing capital outlay, streamlining team member training and most importantly, removing the need of your growers to manually adjust thermostats and humidistats.

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