Managed Services

Keep your cultivation team growing plants, not troubleshooting infrastructure

We get it, HVAC equipment is expensive, and the fact cannabis companies still have a hard time accessing traditional loans makes it even harder. Tough decisions are made on facility infrastructure every day and the HVAC system you wanted isn’t always the one you get. The problem is, all too often environmental control is your biggest limiting factor.

You’ll never get the most out of your lighting or fertigation investments if you can’t control VPD

How many more grams/square foot could you get with a more consistent environment? Could you push the quality of your flower production and get a more competitive price per pound with the ability to employ advanced environmental crop steering techniques? What about better consistency from cycle to cycle and preventing crop loss?

Today’s cultivation facilities, like any other manufacturing facility, need modern process control systems for environmental control, fertigation, and lighting. Those systems need monitoring and support, though most organizations lack an experienced facilities management team – with those team members typically spread thin wearing the hats of staff engineer, systems administrator, project manager, IT professional, and assistant cultivator.

Through Managed Services, InSpire helps your team stay efficient and focused with outsourced facility support. InSpire’s Managed Services include:

  • Preventative Maintenance
    • Avoid costly downtime
    • Proactive critical infrastructure monitoring
    • Scheduled & coordinated maintenance with experienced local contractors
  • Cultivation Support Management
    • Maximize production while minimizing labor & downtime
  • Service Management
    • Technical service calls
    • Technician dispatch
    • Maintenance coordination
  • Data Cloud Pro subscription
    • Perpetual, actionable data in the cloud
    • Crop steering automation tools
    • Open-source architecture allows integration of any device
    • Future upgrades and improvements
  • Environmental Optimization
    • Optimize each room for success from the start and enhance with each cycle
    • Continuous improvement with regular system tuning
  • Integration and automation of all your facility’s critical infrastructure
    • HVAC & airflow
    • Humidifiers & supplemental dehumidifiers
    • CO2 enrichment
    • Fertigation & water treatment
    • Lighting
    • Boiler and chiller plants

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