Vertical Greenhouse Unit

inspire greenhouse hvac unit for cannabis cultivation

Growing your cannabis in a greenhouse provides operators a nice balance between managing operating expenses and extending the growing season to maximize production. To produce high-quality cannabis, today’s greenhouse growers need a cannabis grow facility HVAC design that transforms a simple greenhouse into a controlled environment suited to the specific needs of the plant at each stage of cultivation.

InSpire’s vertical greenhouse units— when paired with modern rigid wall greenhouse construction— are the perfect way for greenhouse growers to secure and control the environment throughout the plant’s life cycle. 

Our vertical greenhouse units are integrated systems, which include mechanisms for regulating 

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Carbon dioxide enrichment
  • Life safety
  • Room pressure
  • Lighting and water rate feedback
  • Biosecurity

When control and efficiency are at a premium, right-sizing your HVAC system is a must. Our flexible vertical greenhouse units can accommodate your unique grow room facility requirements.

With our integrated approach to temperature control and moisture removal, you’ll notice benefits like

  • Reduced operating costs with only one piece of equipment needed
  • Eliminate conditions for pathogens and pests to thrive
  • Ensure all of your environmental components work in harmony
  • Integrated controls allow for maximum terpene expression and plant vitality

Whether you choose a water-cooled or air-cooled design, you’ll get the same integrated energy recovery to reduce compressor tonnage & electrical requirements by 30-50%, saving you money every day compared to conventional HVAC systems.

Our systems also include advanced features to ensure the highest performance, such as multiple independent plenum fans for redundancy, high efficiency particulate filtration, and easy access points for maintenance and repair to keep your operation humming along.

Already have an HVAC system design in the works? InSpire provides consultations to commercial grow room builders, acting as a trusted partner for all of your cannabis design and engineering needs. We will help you ensure your growing environment reaches its maximum potential, ensuring the recommended equipment is site-appropriate, cost-effective, and will meet the needs of the facility’s tissue culture, clone, vegetative, and flowering rooms.

Start a conversation with our team today to learn how InSpire’s combined cannabis and HVAC experience can help you design the secure, high-quality system your plants need to succeed.

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