Integrate and Automate Your Commercial Grow Room Environment

InSpire’s Integrated Room Automation brings an unprecedented level of control and security from anywhere in the world to your commercial grow room designs.


  • Leverage environmental crop steering techniques with real time control
  • Optimize plant performance with transpiration and carbon assimilation insights
  • Monitor moisture content of harvested flower during dry/cure for consistent product weight and quality
  • Schedule temperature and relative humidity setpoints and automate light schedules and CO2 enrichment by room to optimize phenotypic expression run after run
  • Fully functional IOT platform with customizable alerts and bank level security accessible from anywhere in the world
  • Integrates seamlessly with other automation systems


Create precision-designed environments with InSpire’s integrated controls for your indoor grow room HVAC systems. 

With InSpire’s indoor grow room HVAC systems and integrated controls, growers can create a consistent environment across the entire plant canopy for all phases of plant growth to optimize phenotype and chemotype expression and hit essential KPI’s for long term success.

InSpire's VPD Control Graph

Achieving optimized growing conditions is impossible when independent units heat, cool, and dehumidify in an unorganized system. This method of management has high operating costs, never allows plants to reach their maximum metabolic rates and places the entire operation at risk of contamination by molds and mildews where humidity cannot be controlled. 


Sudden or unscheduled changes in environmental conditions automatically trigger alarms to alert appropriate team members for immediate response.


Combined with precise temperature and humidity controls, our proven air cleaning technologies give facilities greater resistance to pathogen introduction and expression. Repeatable, precise environmental control also means greater consistency in chemotype expression. When growers can finely adjust a range of conditions, they can experiment, innovate, and move an entire industry in exciting new directions. 


Prohibition-era wisdom paired with prohibition-era technology should not guide your legal commercial cannabis operation. These outdated, inefficient, and insecure methods result in inconsistent products of varying quality.


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InSpire Environmental Control Cloud Dashboard

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