Cultivation HVAC Assessment

Get The Most Out of Your Existing HVAC Equipment

We get it, HVAC equipment is expensive, and the fact cannabis companies still have a hard time accessing traditional loans makes it even harder. Tough decisions are made on facility infrastructure every day and the HVAC system you wanted isn’t always the one you get. The problem is, all too often environmental control is your biggest limiting factor.

You’ll never get the most out of your high ppfd lights if you can’t control VPD.

How many more grams/square foot could you get with a more consistent environment? Could you push the quality of your flower production and get a more competitive price per pound with the ability to employ advanced environmental crop steering techniques? What about better consistency from cycle to cycle and preventing crop loss?

Have you ever wondered if there was more you could do with the existing equipment in your facility? What if there was a way to optimize your non-integrated air conditioning units and dehumidifiers. As opposed to a thermostat and humidistat sitting on the wall banging units on and off, how about unifying control of these disparate systems and applying a plant-centric sequence of operations to them and getting the most from what you’ve got.

With InSpire’s cultivation HVAC assessment we will evaluate the infrastructure you currently have in place and give you recommendations for cost-effective improvements. This is the foundation to getting better performance out of your investment and it could be the difference between getting acquired or going bankrupt.

Outcomes from a cultivation HVAC assessment:

  • Receive an energy balance report on your existing controls infrastructure and the cooling and dehumidification capacity of your existing equipment
  • Get recommendations to supplement your existing equipment to get better control of your environment
  • Get recommendations to retrofit your air conditioning units and dehumidifiers with new controls infrastructure and a plant-centric sequence of operations to ensure peak performance
    • InSpire’s infrastructure is compatible with virtually all Integrated HVACD Systems in the event of future upgrades, reducing costs and simplifying startup
    • This infrastructure will also make access to InSpire’s Data Cloud possible for powerful data trending and control back to your units from anywhere in the world

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