Secure and Simple Financing Options

InSpire Can Help Finance Your Commercial Grow Room Design Plans

Whether you are just designing your indoor cannabis grow room or totally retrofitting your existing operation, InSpire has financing options for you. There are several benefits to financing your operation with InSpire’s help:


✔        Direct Access to Capital

Reduce the number of hoops you have to jump through to finance your cannabis business.

✔        Privately Funded

Private funding is the best avenue to securing cannabis financing in the U.S.

✔        Seamless Integration with InSpire Systems Providers

You’ve got a lot to keep track of, but when you finance with InSpire the process becomes part of your whole InSpire experience— seamless and trusted.

✔        Acting as a Fiduciary Partner

Our responsibility is towards the success of your business. Our financing options are just another way we work to ensure your operation grows into the business you imagined.

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Why Is Financing Difficult in the Cannabis Industry?

Even though cannabis is legal in some fashion in the majority of states in the U.S., financing remains elusive through traditional means. That’s because the Federal government has yet to approve banking laws for the industry. Since cannabis is still classified as a Schedule I drug by the Drug Enforcement Agency, banking is prohibited. Several laws have been proposed recently to amend this, with some passing the House of Representatives


Even though hemp, a close cousin of marijuana, has been de-scheduled by the Federal government and made legal for commercial growing applications, that didn’t immediately solve the banking crisis for hemp growers. Today’s cannabis can’t go to traditional banks for loans, so private equity funds are the primary avenue for most companies to find capital. 

Navigating the challenges of growing cannabis indoors can be hard enough, but adding in the complexity of finding funding for your business venture is just another added stress. InSpire is here as your trusted partner and advisor through it all.

The ultimate goal of a great indoor grow room HVAC system design is to grow high quality cannabis.

That’s why we’ve made understanding the science of growing cannabis an integral part of our business — to help you succeed.

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