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System Design & Engineering

If your system is in need of a complete overhaul, we’ve got the expertise required to see the project through. Our professional design and commissioning services work to ensure everything is engineered to run as smoothly as possible and operate as planned.

HVAC Equipment Manufacturing

We develop custom designed, fully integrated air conditioning and dehumidifying units to suit your specific needs. These units come with advanced biosecurity features to reduce the risk of pest and pathogen infection, as well as built-in CO2 and lighting controls.

Ultimately, this innovative technology allows you to do more work with less compressor tonnage, resulting in a substantial energy savings (kWh).

Construction & Project Management

Are you in need of cost-effective installation, startup, or maintenance services? If so, our certified network of highly qualified, skillfully selected contractors can assist you with any/all of your construction and project management needs.

Horticultural Consulting

As with life, everything in a grow room is intimately connected. Knowing this, your facility is only as strong as its weakest link…

We have expert cultivators and plant physiologists on staff, and they are here to help you with any cultivation issue you might have, now or in the future.

Capital Financing

Get the right system without tying up all of your crucial investment funds. We have financing options available for our most qualified customers.

The ultimate goal of a great indoor grow room HVAC system design is to grow high quality cannabis.

That’s why we’ve made understanding the science of growing cannabis an integral part of our business — to help you succeed.

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