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temperature iconTemperature

Strain-specific temperature control to maximize your genetics

CO2 Regulation iconCO2 Regulation

Monitor & control critical environmental conditions from one interface

dehumidification iconDehumidification

Control VPD to maintain ideal photosynthetic conditions

biosecurity iconBiosecurity

Substantially reduce your risk of pest or pathogen infection


Increase Revenue

Enhance yields & harvest premium product

Mitigate Risk

Protect and maximize the genetics of your plants

Optimize Space

Free up square footage to increase canopy size

Reduce Costs

Do more work per compressor-ton


Temperature and humidity both impact the vapor pressure differential, a factor that must be considered when making decisions about facility systems—especially when it comes to the tricky deliberations surrounding heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment selection.

Laura Breit, Root Engineers

I produce a pure indica for the medical market that thrives in colder, dryer conditions and it’s always been very challenging to get the environment in my facility to ideal ranges. Until now. InSpire worked very closely with me to adequately size a system that independently controls temperature and humidity and can sustain the levels that are right for my strain.

California Cultivation Business

InSpire’s equipment gives me the ability to control my temperature and humidity levels with tolerances I never thought I’d be able to achieve. My plants have absolutely exploded in size and I am selling my end product for the best prices I ever have.

California Cultivation Business

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