InSpire Transpiration Solutions | RII Efficient Yields Workshop

12 May 2020 /

InSpire Transpiration Solutions Presents in Virtual Cultivation Workshop Series with Resource Innovation Institute

CEO Adrian Giovenco discusses energy efficient cultivation practices during the first online workshop for Michigan cultivators. The inaugural Efficient Yields Cultivation Workshop focuses on energy efficient facility design and optimization for Michigan cultivators.

“Now more than ever, it is critical for growers and supply chain experts to collaborate in order to learn from each other and lean on each other,” said Giovenco. “I am honored for the opportunity to speak alongside leaders in the cannabis industry and discuss the increasing importance of energy efficient, sustainable practices in cultivation. These are vital considerations for cultivators looking to optimize yields, drive product quality, and plan for future business success.”

Adrian Giovenco is a passionate engineer with over a decade of experience working with HVAC and process systems throughout North America. Recognizing a knowledge gap when it came to plant transpiration rates and the impact on controlled environments, he co-founded InSpire Transpiration Solutions. InSpire’s purpose-built HVACD products and services are focused on controlled environment horticulture to optimize product quality. Adrian currently serves on the Resource Innovation Institute Technical Advisory Committee HVAC Working Group.

The Efficient Yields Cultivation Workshop Series is hosted by Resource Innovation Institute to share best practices in energy efficiency for cannabis cultivators and their design and construction teams. The first workshop in the series, “Best Practices on Energy Efficient Cultivation Facility Design & Optimization,” is a collaborative virtual workshop tailored for Michigan cultivators. The workshop will include a full program on facility design and optimization featuring five expert panelists, as well as a structured virtual networking portion. Additional workshops in the series will focus on different states across the country and different topics relevant to cultivation.

More on the Resource Innovation Institute can be found at their website

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