InSpire Writes for Terpenes & Testing Magazine on Indoor Hemp Cultivation

01 July 2020 /

InSpire’s CTO, Robbie Batts, recently published an article in the 2020 May/June Hemp edition of Terpenes & Testing Magazine. Terpenes & Testing is a bi-monthly publication catering to science enthused professionals through daily cannabis news, research and opinions. Terpenes & Testing’s unique approach to infusing hard-core science with passion for the cannabis plant makes them ever-relevant to scientists, cannabis enthusiasts, growers, extractors, and dispensaries alike.

“The Benefits of Bringing Hemp Indoors” explores some of the leading benefits of growing hemp indoors when compared to outdoor cultivation. The world has been growing hemp outdoors for thousands of years, but recent advances in science and technology have resulted in many cultivators taking their operations indoors. As we collectively continue to learn about the benefits of non-THC cannabinoids and terpenes, the biggest advantage to cultivating hemp indoors is gaining the flexibility necessary to adapt to evolving consumer and therapeutic demands.

Additional benefits discussed include:


  • Flexibility in strain type and seasonality – the opportunity to grow multiple strains or varieties of hemp in one grow cycle without facing cross pollination and contamination concerns.
  • Environmental and cultural control – Growing hemp indoors gives cultivators control over the factors that influence plant health, plant yield, and plant quality, which can have a significant impact on the bottom line.
  • Standardization and consistency – In order to meet the standards being set by consumers and regulators, cultivators need to ensure one thing: that their product is consistent.

The article also discusses some key methods to optimize indoor growing conditions, including understanding the impact of your mechanical equipment, choosing experienced partners, right sizing systems and minimizing biosecurity risks. The article concludes with the following: “There are many benefits to bringing hemp cultivation indoors, but to do so successfully your operation must create and maintain optimal environmental conditions. Doing so will lead to healthier plants and increased product yield, all while mitigating your risk profile and positively impacting your bottom line.”

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