New Interview with InSpire’s Chief Technology Officer in Terpenes & Testing Magazine

10 July 2020 /

InSpire’s Chief Technology Officer, Robbie Batts, was recently interviewed by Petar Petrov for an article in Terpenes & Testing Magazine. Terpenes & Testing is a publication that caters to science-enthused professionals through daily cannabis news, research and opinions. Petar Petrov is an experienced journalist in the cannabis industry who writes for publications like CBD Health and Wellness, The Journal of Cannabinoid Medicine, Extraction Magazine and others. 

Robbie’s interview with Petrov discusses InSpire’s role in the cannabis industry and the intersection of data, HVAC equipment and the cannabis plant. It is critical for cannabis cultivators to have a comprehensive knowledge that goes beyond cannabis and extends into areas like heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, construction, architecture, energy efficiency, engineering, etc. Without expertise in these areas (or bringing on a team of experts who can help), growers will struggle to find success in their cultivation business. 

In the interview, Robbie answers key questions like:

  • How did InSpire make its way into the cannabis industry? 
  • How did the team develop its expertise in understanding cannabis and how it can be influenced by HVAC?
  • How does InSpire utilize data and science in its approach?
  • What are the HVAC challenges specific to cannabis cultivation when compared to other industries?
  • Why do cannabis cultivators continue to struggle with precise environmental control?
  • What are the practical and tangible differences customers can expect after working with InSpire?

“Prior to legalization, we let growers dictate what they wanted,” says Robbie. “But now, we collect and can offer useful data back to them, showing that the temperature and humidity of their grow spaces weren’t actually maintaining the conditions they expected at the canopy level. We give our clients the information, data and technological tools they need to be successful that weren’t previously available to them.”

The article concludes with the following: “InSpire has seen the cannabis industry grow before its eyes, following it closely every step of the way. The unequivocal mark of the evolution of both is one that holds true across all industries and the businesses that comprise them.”

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