InSpire’s CEO Talks About Healthy Plants and Choosing the Right Team With the NCIA

25 August 2020 /

InSpire’s CEO, Adrian Giovenco, recently sat down with Bethany Moore of the National Cannabis Industry Association’s Cannabis Industry Voice podcast. The two discussed a variety of topics related to cannabis cultivation, including growing and nurturing healthy plants; necessary environmental controls to prevent pests and pathogens; and big picture advice on choosing project teams.

Adrian has more than a decade of experience designing, selling and commissioning HVAC and process systems throughout North America. Recognizing a knowledge gap surrounding fully understanding plant transpiration rates and how they impact controlled environments, he founded InSpire to focus on Advanced Transpiration Solutions and allow for precise environmental control. Adrian currently serves on the NCIA’s Facilities Design Committee, where he and his colleagues work to broaden the cannabis industry’s position in the regulated environment of energy policy, building science and engineering.

“Our goal is to help cannabis professionals achieve their financial goals and missions,” says Adrian. “We do that by challenging preconceptions of how environments are controlled in different spaces through applied science and data.”

Adrian and Bethany discuss topics including the following:

  • How to grow and nurture healthy plants that will pass testing requirements, make it into dispensaries and ultimately lead to happy customers
  • The impact of environmental control in preventing pests, pathogens or any other unwanted organisms that can attach to a plant
  • Successes and failures in investing in cannabis cultivation
  • Choosing project teams and assessing who is the right – or wrong – fit for your team

Adrian concludes his interview with the following: “I’m really excited to be involved in this NCIA Facilities Design Committee. Knowledge is power, and being able to provide the right type of firepower for all types of professionals wanting to get involved in this business and empower them with data and information is really important.”

The NCIA’s Cannabis Industry Voice is a weekly podcast with guest members who share their experiences, challenges and successes operating businesses serving the legal cannabis industry.

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