Integrated HVACD – Rendering of Clarity Gardens by InSpire

11 September 2020 /

An Integrated HVACD system by InSpire Transpiration Solutions allows cannabis entrepreneurs to maximize the 4 pillars of success: quantity, quality, consistency and efficiency.

Cultivators of tomorrow recognize the need to maximize their facilities grams per square foot, price per pound, consistent product cycle to cycle and reduction of operating costs per pound and this is accomplished with precise control of temperature, relative humidity, airflow & CO2 to your cultivation and curing spaces.

Utilizing advanced active and passive biofiltration technology and energy recovery, the InSpire system assures clean, conditioned, properly dehumidified and CO2 enriched air delivered to the stomata of every plant regardless of plant location or tier.

Couple this with a powerful cloud control system to log data and hone the cultivation practices of specific genetics using itineraries, VPD control and transpiration analysis from anywhere in the world and the value of an Integrated HVACD System by InSpire becomes clear.

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