InSpire Writes for MMJDaily on The Role of Humidity in Cannabis Cultivation

13 November 2020 /

InSpire’s Chief Technology Officer, Robbie Batts, recently authored an article for MMJDaily on the importance of humidity control in cannabis cultivation. “The Role of Humidity in Cannabis Plant Health and Yields” defines how accurate humidity control can impact cannabis plant health, yields and vitality, and lead to increased revenue and reduced risk.

The article begins: “A lack of proper humidity control in your indoor cannabis cultivation operation will limit the production of secondary metabolites, and therefore the potential of your business as a whole. Compromising on your grow room temperature and humidity control capabilities can substantially reduce the quantity, quality and consistency of finished products that consumers and manufacturers demand in today’s marketplace.”

Robbie continues on to discuss several factors directly impacted by humidity control:

  • Indoor vs. outdoor cultivation, and how plant transpiration and environmental control are involved
  • The right balance of moisture and airflow is critical for processes like transpiration, VPD and CO2 uptake, which promote plant growth and secondary metabolite production
  • Controlling relative humidity specific to each stage of the plant life cycle can influence plant vitality, product quality, genetics and overall yield
  • Effective and efficient humidity control begins with right sizing cannabis climate control systems like heating, ventilation, air conditioning and dehumidification (HVACD) equipment to maintain temperature, manage humidity levels and minimize threat of disease

The article concludes with the following key point: “Humidity is one of the most critical factors in cannabis cultivation, yet many growers lack a complete understanding of controlling and manipulating humidity levels to maximize plant health and yield, minimize risk of disease and increase revenue.”

MMJDaily is an online platform for cannabis cultivators and entrepreneurs to share news and important information in an effort to foster a deeper technical knowledge on growing the best cannabis.

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