InSpire is Demystifying Dehumidification at the Resource Innovation Institute’s Upcoming Workshop

01 April 2021 /

InSpire’s Jesse Porter is a featured panelist at the Resource Innovation Institute’s upcoming workshop, State of the Market: Demystifying Dehumidification in Indoor Horticultural Environments. The virtual workshop will take place on Wednesday, April 7 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

Jesse is a cultivation expert and cannabis business specialist with more than a decade of experience in the cannabis industry. The panel will be moderated by Lauren Morlino of Efficiency Vermont, and Jesse’s fellow panelists include Craig Burg of ASHRAE, Bill Tritsis of AHRI, Fran Boucher of National Grid, Nick Collins of DNV, Keith Coursin of Desert Aire and Chip Seidel of Anden.

This workshop is designed for utility engineers and program implementers, energy code and policy advisors, and cultivation industry supply chain professionals looking to learn more about managing moisture in indoor cultivation environments. Controlled environment agriculture requires advanced climate control systems that can maintain conditions optimal for plant growth and development. Managing moisture in these environments is critical for plant transpiration, and there are a variety of methods to remove moisture from cannabis grow rooms. Workshop participants will learn more about the key concepts, market barriers, technical standards and utility approaches involved with commercial dehumidification for cannabis cultivation.

Plant transpiration is not a widely understood topic when it comes to efficiency strategies, and cultivators often struggle to grasp how different dehumidification systems can impact their environmental control capabilities, efficiency and energy savings. Understanding the data, metrics and actionable information related to dehumidification can impact important business profitability KPIs like grams/watt or active compounds/watt. Utility and energy efficiency programs should standardize approaches and quantify the energy benefits of efficient dehumidification to support more cultivators across the board and offset capital expenditure through utility incentives. 

The Resource Innovation Institute is a group of multidisciplinary leaders transforming the resource-intensive agricultural sectors and pushing the industry toward more efficient production models. The mission of RII is to advance resource efficiency to cultivate a better agricultural future, which is a great fit for InSpire’s focus on cannabis HVACD equipment custom designed to maximize productivity and quality. 

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