InSpire Talks to MG Magazine About Technological Advancements in the Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Industry

05 August 2021 /

Jesse Porter, InSpire’s Cannabis Business Specialist, was recently interviewed by Christopher Jones for an article in MG Magazine surrounding technological advances in the indoor cannabis cultivation industry. MG Magazine covers the people, plants and products driving the unprecedented growth of the evolving cannabis industry to help industry leaders stay at the forefront of change. 

The technology utilized in indoor cannabis cultivation has changed drastically over the past several decades, especially in the commercial cannabis cultivation space where each harvest is potentially worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. Professional growers now have access to efficient, reliable technology and equipment that allows them to optimize genetics, maximize yield and increase revenue. 

The article poses this question: “Which technologies will transcend the hype, prove their worth, and become the new standard in an industry that is expected to generate almost $20 billion in the U.S. this year?”

  • High-intensity discharge (HID) vs. light-emitting diode (LED) lights: “If you’ve developed, bred and grown strains under HID, there is an adjustment time, but you should be heading toward the goal of breeding and focusing on genetics that thrive under LED,” says Jesse. “That is the future. Everyone is going to have to adopt LED, whether or not it’s mandated, just because it is so efficient.” 
  • The relationship between environmental control and complex plant concepts like VPD: “One of the trends we’re seeing in modern indoor grows is more precise crop steering with grow room controllers that optimize everything from humidity and temperature to transpiration rates and feeding schedules,” says Jesse. “It’s all about trying to find good genetics and keeping them as happy as possible from seed to compost – that’s the real driver for performance and consistency.” 

The article concludes with the following: “The future of indoor cannabis cultivation may take several paths, with growers adopting technologies and equipment that make the most sense for their business strategies. Commercial producers are building high-volume cultivation factories that feature the latest equipment and technologies to ensure consistent yields.” 

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