InSpire Writes for Terpenes & Testing Magazine on Increasing Energy Efficiency in Your Commercial Cannabis Grow Room

19 August 2021 /

Anders Peterson, our Cannabis Operations Specialist here at InSpire, recently authored an article for Terpenes & Testing Magazine on increasing energy efficiency in commercial cannabis cultivation without sacrificing product quality. Terpenes & Testing is a scientific online publication exploring in-depth botanical and cannabis news and content for laboratories, extraction facilities, growers, dispensaries and other industry professionals.  

“If you’re in the cannabis industry and you have noticed price pressure and cost compression mounting in specific markets, you aren’t alone,” begins Anders. “The industry continues to evolve quickly, with both demand and competition multiplying at record rates. In this environment, if your cannabis business can’t produce at lower costs – from an upfront and long-term perspective – you might be out of business.”

One step cannabis cultivators can take to impact upfront and long-term operating expenses is to incorporate energy efficiency into the core of their business. Commercial cannabis cultivation is an energy-intensive operation and energy expenses can make up anywhere from ⅓ to ⅔ of your operating costs. Anders outlines some of his top strategies for influencing energy efficiency in cultivation facility:

  • Focus on energy efficiency from start to finish: Whether you’re dealing with a new build or a retrofit facility, build energy efficient practices into your facility design, focusing on upfront costs, operating expenses and production goals.
  • Integrated systems increase energy efficiency: Taking a holistic, integrated approach to facility design and equipment selection will ensure a higher return on your investment and better overall performance. 
  • One-size-fits-all equipment doesn’t exist: Make sure your systems have enough capacity to control your environment and meet your production goals without racking up an outrageous electric bill, especially when it comes to your cannabis HVACD equipment.
  • Operational efficiency is an ongoing process: Cultural control, constant commissioning, monitoring system performance, maintenance and evaluating key performance indicators will all be critical to the success of your cannabis business. 

Building long-term energy efficient practices into your business from the start will lead to increased profitability, reduced energy use and strong results for your cannabis cultivation operation. 

To read the full article for yourself, visit: Keep an eye out for future articles from Anders on!

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