Dehumidification Solutions: InSpire Featured in Terpenes & Testing Magazine

26 October 2021 /

InSpire’s best in class dehumidification systems for indoor horticulture were recently featured in an article for Terpenes & Testing Magazine. Dehumidification is arguably the most difficult environmental factor to control when it comes to indoor horticulture. Right sized, properly designed dehumidification systems will lead to:

  • Consistent, precise environmental conditions for optimal plant growth
  • Reduced risk for pests, pathogens and issues like powdery mildew and botrytis
  • Better VPD control and the ability to maximize plant health
  • A strong foundation for maximized biomass and limited crop loss

“Carefully controlling the environment is mandatory if you want to grow cannabis indoors,” the article begins. “To mitigate risk, one of the most important factors to control is the grow room’s relative humidity. Perhaps the most effective way to reduce excess moisture is to incorporate a dehumidification system.” 

The article continues to feature InSpire’s innovative energy efficient dehumidification technology that is incorporated into our HVACD system designs. InSpire’s sustainable dehumidification systems involve the use of a patent-pending multi coil water runaround loop to efficiently transfer energy before and after compressor-based dehumidification, helping cultivators reduce HVACD operating expenses by as much as 30-50%. 

In the past, growers would install standalone, pocket dehumidifiers to take care of the moisture removal that their air conditioning units could not handle. There are several challenges with this approach that can negatively impact plant health and pest/pathogen risk when dealing with industrial scale operations. Integrated dehumidification allows for communication and control between the different systems, ultimately leading to superior environmental control, maximized efficiency and optimized plant growth. 

Terpenes & Testing is a scientific online publication discussing how technical innovations shape the young, emerging cannabis industry. To read the full article, visit:

Our unique background in both mechanical engineering and plant physiology allows us to deliver plant-centric, data-driven commercial grow room HVACD solutions that help our clients maximize plant biomass and phenotypic expression to strengthen financial performance and mitigate risk. Contact our team today to start discussing your project.

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