Let’s Talk Indoor Grow Optimization at RII’s Upcoming Workshop

25 January 2022 /

InSpire is excited to be participating in an upcoming webinar hosted by Resource Innovation Institute and the Tri-County Regional Energy Network. Part of RII’s Efficient Yields workshop series, this free webinar will discuss lighting and HVACD best practices for indoor cannabis cultivation tailored specifically to Central Coast California cultivators. 

The webinar will take place on Thursday, February 3 at 1:30 p.m. PST. Anders Peterson, InSpire’s Cannabis Operations Specialist, will present alongside fellow panelists from leading companies like Anderson Porter Design; Energy Resources Integration, LLC; Microclimates; and Fluence by OSRAM. Cultivators will discover how to optimize their indoor grow facilities based specifically on California’s climate and regulations. 

Lighting and climate control are the two biggest energy drivers for any commercial cannabis operation. Webinar attendees can expect to learn more about topics like:

  • Best practices for advanced control and automation in indoor cultivation
  • Indoor lighting control best practices 
  • Indoor environmental control best practices and avoiding microclimates for plant health
  • California Title 24, Part 6, Energy Code

Owners, cultivators, facility staff, design and construction partners, and utility and government representatives will all benefit from understanding how to compete and comply with upcoming code changes, and how to save energy by automating system controls to impact productivity and profits. Cannabis HVACD and lighting equipment are two of your largest expenses and biggest energy consumers in a cultivation facility, so getting the design right the first time around is paramount to your success and your profitability.

Resource Innovation Institute hosts virtual and in-person educational events to bring together growers and supply chain experts and share best practices for resource efficiency. The Efficient Yields cultivation workshop series explores key practices critical to finding success through resource efficiency and productivity. 

To register for the Feb. 3 workshop, visit: https://catalog.resourceinnovation.org/item/efficient-yields-tricounty-indoor-optimization-hvac-lighting-practices-435217.

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