InSpire is Heading East for the New England Cannabis Convention

09 March 2022 /

Later this month, InSpire is heading to Boston for the New England Cannabis Convention, home base of the East Coast cannabis industry. Now in its eighth year, the New England Cannabis Convention is one of the largest events in the Northeast for East Coast cannabis professionals. Our Cannabis Operations Specialist, Anders, and our Cannabis Business Specialist, Jesse, will both be presenting on Friday, March 18. 

“Genotype vs. Phenotype: Getting the Most Out Of Your Cannabis Plant” will take place on Friday, March 18 at 11:00 a.m. during the conference. Anders will focus on the core concepts of genotype and phenotype and why they are foundational to the success of your indoor cannabis cultivation operation. Everything from color to size to smell can be affected by your cultivation environment and therefore impact the phenotypic expression of your end product. Phenotypic expression is the driving force for any cannabis business, influencing processes like facility design and cultivation, and serving as the backbone of financial performance. Attendees can expect to learn more about the interaction between genotype, the environment and a phenotype, and the different factors that influence a phenotype and phenotypic expression.

Jesse’s presentation, “Make or Break Your Harvest: Drying and Curing to Preserve Secondary Metabolites,” will take place on Friday, March 18 at 4:00 p.m. All of your cultivation expertise is for naught without the ability to properly dry and cure your product, and Jesse will explore the different methods you can implement as a cultivator to maintain quality and influence final product when it comes to drying and curing. Drying and curing are complex, intertwined processes that are often overlooked, misunderstood or mismanaged. While you won’t increase product quality during the drying and curing phases, there are several steps you can take to maintain quality and ensure you’re not leaving money on the table. Learn more about concepts like water activity and moisture content, and how temperature, humidity and other environmental factors influence the post-harvest process. 

Anders and Jesse are both passionate professionals with years of experience in the cannabis industry. At InSpire, they work together to develop custom systems and solutions to help cultivators find solutions to optimize indoor grow environments, meet unique financial and performance goals, and ultimately increase profits. The show runs Friday, March 18 through Sunday, March 20, and Anders and Jesse will both be exploring the exhibit hall when they aren’t presenting. If you’ll be at the show and would like to connect, please contact us today

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