16 August 2022 /

InSpire’s integrated HVACD solutions give Camaraderie Technology a sustainable, efficient model for future growth. Scientific, technology-driven approach optimizes cultivation operations, providing a foundation for consistent, data-driven expansion.

The team that founded Camaraderie Technology in 2017 brought specialized knowledge and expertise from varied backgrounds to the company. Each of them had the passion and desire to apply their skills
and business acumen to become an integral part of the cannabis revolution. The founders were looking
to surround themselves with other professionals who could adapt the most advanced approaches to cultivation and plant science from other established industries, putting the best foot forward at all times.
The company’s three consumer brands currently include Mayflower Farms, Summit Concentrates and Sirona Cultivated. Evident in all three brands is the entire team’s commitment to growing and extracting premium cannabis products. Camaraderie Technology also operates DAGDA Fertigation, a line of proprietary automated fertigation systems designed to solve the company’s production needs for consistent, reliable and predictable functionality to cut down on labor, gather data and help make data-driven cultivation decisions.

“If you try to run your HVACD systems without InSpire’s integrated approach, it’s like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. InSpire asked the fundamental questions that other engineers and designers did not, and they have the proven results and data to back up their claims. Their integrated systems have made it so we can achieve our ideal conditions without having to spend an arm and a leg to constantly fine tune systems and find people to manage them. They understand all the important parameters of plant science, they are truly invested in our success, and we are confident that we are achieving maximum control with efficient equipment that can handle our full capacity.” – Daniel Craveiro, Director of Research & Development Camaraderie Technology

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