11 January 2023 /

Unrivaled’s purpose-built integrated HVAC/D system from InSpire Transpiration Solutions lays the Groundwork for optimized cannabis cultivation & genetic research.

Unrivaled Brands was formed through the collaboration of like-minded leaders with the goal of building a vertically-integrated cannabis organization. The parent company of multiple cannabis brands spanning consumer products, cultivation, distribution and retail, the company started in California in 2010 and has since grown to become one of the west coast’s premier vertically integrated multi-state operator. The leadership team behind Unrivaled believes the future of this industry will be driven by technology and culture, and strives to execute the best genetics, research and development, and brand experience possible to set the standard for the next generation of cannabis.

“InSpire’s purpose-built system is truly incredible. There has certainly been a learning curve, but with their cultivation support we have been able to achieve proper VPD levels throughout our canopy to maximize our production. The support we’ve received from InSpire is unparalleled.” – Brittany Dunham,
Vice President of Cultivation, UNRIVALED BRANDS

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