Webinar #2: Key Lighting and HVACD Decisions in a Retrofit Facility

We are thrilled to continue working with the team at Fluence and bring you Part Two of our collaborative webinar series, “Key Lighting and HVACD Decisions in a Retrofit Facility.”

Part One in this series was designed for cannabis cultivators and cannabis facility designers and covered new construction and new build planning. Lighting and cannabis HVACD equipment are generally two of your largest expenses in a cultivation facility, so getting the design right the first time around is paramount to your success and your profitability. We discussed the science of plant biology and its interaction with light, temperature and humidity; key metrics every decision maker should be aware of; avoiding costly mistakes when choosing equipment; evaluating your return on investment; and the impact of lighting decisions on HVACD planning and long-term operating expenses. If you missed Part One, you can review the webinar here.

During Part Two, we will focus on decisions surrounding lighting and HVACD equipment when dealing with a retrofit facility. When a legacy facility is built out and you’ve invested a large amount of money, it can be challenging to start from scratch and select a new HVACD system for your grow room. Maximizing the performance of your existing HVACD system and leveraging controls is the best way to quickly generate revenue and see the biggest return on investment. Retrofitting a facility with LED lighting gives growers ample opportunity to expand and push the limits of cultivars, all while saving money on energy costs. According to data from the experts at Fluence, retrofitting to LED and carefully adjusting HVACD systems in parallel has resulted in up to a 40% reduction in energy usage.

Part Two will involve discussions specifically related to retrofitting, such as:

– Capitalizing on opportunities and limitations involved in retrofitting an existing facility
– Efficiently transitioning equipment by reviewing options and evaluating pros and cons – Taking an intelligent approach to phasing in order to maintain cash flow during retrofit
– Exploring ways to uncover creative solutions during a building retrofit
– Successfully maximizing existing equipment through an integrated control system
– The importance of equipment selection and its impact on the entire facility

The series is hosted by Robbie Batts, InSpire’s Chief Technology Officer, and Aaron Fellabaum, Fluence’s Director of Strategic Accounts for Cannabis and Lighting Design Manager for Fluence in North America. Both Robbie and Aaron have decades of experience in their fields and look forward to collaborating with growers to optimize their facilities.

While InSpire specializes in HVACD solutions for indoor horticulture, the team at Fluence creates optimized LED lighting solutions for commercial crop production. Fluence is a leading LED lighting supplier and is committed to enabling more efficient crop production.

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