Webinar #1: The 10 Cardinal Parameters of Plant Health and Vitality

InSpire is excited to announce that we are offering a new webinar series to allow cultivators to connect and collaborate during a time when virtual interaction is more important than ever. This free webinar series will explore important topics for cannabis cultivators, specifically focusing on the concept of cultural control: the practice of modifying a growing environment to maximize photosynthetic outputs and reduce the prevalence of unwanted pests and pathogens. Cultural Plant Control is the foundation of an effective Integrated Pest Management program and can significantly reduce labor and supply expenses associated with physical and chemical controls.

Cultural control is an important part of your operation’s environmental control strategy, and is directly related to managing factors like temperature, relative humidity, CO2 levels and regulating pests. A consistent cultural control and environmental control strategy can help you maximize plant genetics, optimize product quality and yield, and influence overall plant health and vitality.

The first webinar in the series is “The 10 Cardinal Parameters of Plant Health and Vitality”. This webinar will explore the 10 most important factors influencing plant growth and plant health, and the impact these factors have on plant transpiration and vapor pressure deficit (VPD). Understanding these cardinal parameters allows cultivators to manipulate VPD to optimize plant genetics, biomass, phenotype expression and other elements that influence product quality.

Webinar guests can expect to learn more about topics like:

  • Defining the cardinal parameters of plant health and vitality and the four pillars of environmental control
  • The impact these parameters have on plant transpiration and VPD
  • The process of maximizing transpiration and VPD to optimize plant genetics, phenotype expression, biomass and other factors of product quality
  • The art and science of the curing process: finding a careful balance between metabolite preservation and mitigating risk of pathogen infection
  • How temperature, humidity, light and other environmental factors influence the curing process
  • The parameters that assist in preserving secondary metabolites
  • Popular curing timelines and environmental setpoints

The webinar series is hosted by InSpire’s own Jesse Porter and Robbie Batts, who will bring their decades of experience in cultivation science and technology to guide this important conversation and answer your questions in real time.

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