Webinar #2: Drying and Curing Cannabis to Preserve Terpenes and Other Secondary Metabolites

“Drying and Curing Cannabis to Preserve Terpenes and Other Secondary Metabolites” webinar will explore the science of what happens after harvesting your plants, and the importance of the drying and curing process. All of your cultivation expertise is for naught without the ability to properly dry and cure your product – in our experience, we’ve seen more money left on the table in the curing stage than any other stage of cultivation.

Those who tune in will learn more about areas like:

  • Performance and cost differences between integrated and non-integrated HVACD systems
  • How to select a system, level bids and other financing and phasing considerations
  • Design and construction implications and the important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Real world approaches and action plans to bridge the gap between theory and practice
  • The art and science of the curing process: finding a careful balance between metabolite preservation and mitigating risk of pathogen infection
  • How temperature, humidity, light and other environmental factors influence the curing process
  • The parameters that assist in preserving secondary metabolites
  • Popular curing timelines and environmental setpoints

Once again, the webinar is hosted by InSpire team members Jesse Porter and Robbie Batts, who have decades of experience in cultivation science and technology. Jessie and Robbie are committed to answering all of your questions and equipping you with the tools and knowledge you need to produce your best product.

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