InSpire Shares Tips to Maximize Cultivation Yields in Latest Article for Terpenes & Testing Magazine

19 August 2020 /

In our latest article for Terpenes & Testing Magazine’s July/August issue, InSpire’s CTO Robbie Batts writes about maximizing cultivation yields in commercial grow rooms. Terpenes & Testing is a bi-monthly publication catering to science enthused professionals through daily cannabis news, research and opinions. Robbie has previously written for the magazine on the benefits of growing hemp indoors compared to outdoor cultivation.

“Tips to Maximize Cultivation Yields in Your Commercial Grow Room” explores how building and maintaining a commercial grow room with expertly designed environmental control systems will ensure growers can maximize crop yields from season to season. The environmental control capabilities of an indoor grow room allow us to turn a seasonal harvest into a year-round crop, but only with the right systems in place to keep the environment stable.  

The article goes on to discuss insider tips like:

  • Comprehensive design is critical to success – Successful cultivators need to understand how each step in the process and each piece of selected equipment impacts the performance of the entire operation. Maximizing yields is a byproduct of harmonious design.
  • Right-size systems to meet business goals – To dramatically impact your product and your bottom line, trust an experienced professional to help you find the right balance between upfront costs, system performance and long-term operating expenses to meet your unique production needs.
  • Consider each stage of the plant life cycle – Each stage of the plant life cycle has different requirements, and growers must make sure these needs are met. Monitoring and controlling the environment tailored to each stage of life (from seed to finished product) will allow for optimized plant growth, health and yields.
  • Minimize biosecurity risks – Creating an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program is crucial as factors like bacteria, mold and pests can lead to crop damage or crop loss.
  • Consistently evaluate operational efficiency – Maximizing yields is an ongoing process – when your commercial grow room is constructed and functioning as planned, don’t take a step back. Capture as much data as you can and use it to influence your crop yield and business revenue.

Robbie wraps up with the following final thoughts: “Pushing the limits of biomass isn’t about any single parameter of plant vitality, it’s about creating an environment where all of the parameters are optimized to work in unison. Good genetics will always out-yield poor genetics, but with consistent environmental control you’ll also ensure a product that stands out in the marketplace.”

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