Bringing Automation and Cloud Control to Cannabis Cultivation: Meet InSpire’s Grow Room Environment Controller

28 April 2021 /

As the cannabis industry rapidly grows and evolves, we can safely say that it is no longer in its infancy. The wisdom and technology of the industry’s early years has provided a solid foundation, but it is becoming increasingly important for commercial cannabis grow rooms to leverage the newest advancements in science and technology. This is the only way to drive the yields needed to remain competitive, and to maximize profitability. When cultivators can monitor, control and analyze a full spectrum of data related to an indoor environment, they can innovate in ways that will drive the cannabis industry in exciting new directions. 

InSpire’s innovative grow room environment controller systems are bringing our clients unprecedented environmental monitoring and control capabilities. Our cloud-based HVACD controls allow growers to apply advanced crop steering techniques using real-time dashboards from any device, anywhere in the world. Combined with InSpire’s plant-centric HVACD systems, our grow room environment controller has been proven to help cultivators maximize plant biomass and phenotypic expression, bolster top-line performance and mitigate risk. 

Just a handful of the benefits cannabis cultivators will find from using InSpire’s grow room environment controller include:

  • 24-hour vapor pressure deficit control 
  • Greater resistance to pathogen introduction and expression 
  • Optimized plant performance with transpiration and carbon assimilation insights
  • Room moisture removal monitoring during the dry/cure process as a reference for product moisture content
  • Scheduled temperature and relative humidity setpoints
  • Automated carbon dioxide enrichment by room 
  • Access to a fully functional IOT platform with customizable alerts and bank-level security

Using independent units to heat, cool, dehumidify and clean the air in a commercial cannabis grow room leads to high operating costs, prevents plants from reaching their maximum metabolic rates, and puts the entire operation at risk of pathogen contamination. Cultivation operations can effectively meet their defined KPIs by implementing repeatable and precise environmental control strategies to achieve greater consistency in product quality and optimized phenotype and chemotype expression. 

Integration like this is critical to success. InSpire’s grow room environment controller will automatically trigger an alarm to alert team members about unexpected changes in grow room conditions, prompting an immediate response. 

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